Media Management

With today's fast-paced and multifaceted 24-hour media and blogging industry, there's often too much information for anyone to follow. Too often groups are caught off-guard because the right people didn't have access to the correct information on a timely basis. Level671's Article Manager delivers information an instant, as-needed basis.

Web 2.0

Level671 offers organizations a cost-effective and efficient way to harness the power of the Internet and social networking. Too often campaigns and organizations push off writing for their blogs, Facebook and MySpace pages and Twitter accounts to the most junior of staff -- or worse, they simply ignore these mediums all together.

Political Relationship Manager

Information is power. But it's more than just having information; organizations need to be agile enough to manipulate and use data in today's modern political environment. Level671 can help you easily and effectively manage your information, giving you the power to swing public opinion in your favor.

Level671 Services

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Level671 Services

Part of the excitement about being a data management and Internet technology consulting firm is the innovation we get to do to help you solve your problems and accomplish your goals. Every day, we get to dream up new political tools and applications to make things happen.

Some of the items we've found useful to lots of clients are listed here. We're always dreaming up new things as well!

Article Manager

Broadcast Email

Online Fundraising

IT and Data Solutions

Online Petitions


Political Relationship Manager

Strategy Consulting

Web 2.0 Services

Website Design and Deployment