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Level671 offers organizations a cost-effective and efficient way to harness the power of the Internet and social networking. Too often campaigns and organizations push off writing for their blogs, Facebook and MySpace pages and Twitter accounts to the most junior of staff -- or worse, they simply ignore these mediums all together.

Political Relationship Manager

Information is power. But it's more than just having information; organizations need to be agile enough to manipulate and use data in today's modern political environment. Level671 can help you easily and effectively manage your information, giving you the power to swing public opinion in your favor.

Media Management

With today's fast-paced and multifaceted 24-hour media and blogging industry, there's often too much information for anyone to follow. Too often groups are caught off-guard because the right people didn't have access to the correct information on a timely basis. Level671's Article Manager delivers information an instant, as-needed basis.

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Level671 Political Relationship Manager

Political Relationship Manager

Level671 is on the cutting edge of relationship management software for political grassroots associations and campaigns.

Level671's Political Relationship Manager (PRM) makes fundraising, donor management and campaign finance compliance reporting easier. We take your contact databases and give you tools to track, communicate, follow-up, schedule, export and analyze.

Key Features

  • Manage your donors, contributions and pledges
  • Easy user access and permissions management tools
  • Customize your own fields and codes to easily track fundraising and other activities
  • Send broadcast emails directly out of the Level671 Dashboard, with tools to create attractive emails, schedule email delivery, and track click-throughs
  • Pinpoint your targeting through robust reports on contributions, pledges, tracks, group characteristics, events and volunteers
  • Strong data management features such as householding, duplicate management, global replace, and automated tasks such as zipcode correction and Congressional lookup
  • Useful exports and merges, such as mailing labels and mail merges
  • Integrate Level671's Dashboard PRM with your website and components of your online campaign to boost your fundraising and volunteers