Media Management

With today's fast-paced and multifaceted 24-hour media and blogging industry, there's often too much information for anyone to follow. Too often groups are caught off-guard because the right people didn't have access to the correct information on a timely basis. Level671's Article Manager delivers information an instant, as-needed basis.

Political Relationship Manager

Information is power. But it's more than just having information; organizations need to be agile enough to manipulate and use data in today's modern political environment. Level671 can help you easily and effectively manage your information, giving you the power to swing public opinion in your favor.

Web 2.0

Level671 offers organizations a cost-effective and efficient way to harness the power of the Internet and social networking. Too often campaigns and organizations push off writing for their blogs, Facebook and MySpace pages and Twitter accounts to the most junior of staff -- or worse, they simply ignore these mediums all together.

Level671 Services

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Along with providing online technology and data management services, Level671 prides itself on top-notch customer service. If a client can't provide us an enthusiastic recommendation, we've done something wrong. The testimonials below demonstrate that we're able to keep our clients happy and deliver results. Why not join the list of satisfied customers?

Bill Newton Dunn,
Member of the European Parliament

"There are two words that Tim Vickey used repeatedly as we worked together on my campaign for the European Parliament - and they were ‘cutting edge.’  Tim is on the forefront of online political technology, but that's not what drives his thinking. It's about understanding the political need, firing off dozens of ideas, collaborating, challenging and refining until we have created something of real, tangible value that delivers beyond promised results.

"And he's a great guy to work with."

Rich Tafel
President, RLT Strategies

"Tim has a way of helping you take your company to the next level when it comes to online presence and building a data base. He's a one stop shop for tech services and has prompt customer service. Tim is always on the cutting edge of what's next. He he brings a fresh, experienced perspective on how technology can impact business, campaigns and influence public opinion. He's good at listening to your vision and then implementing the appropriate IT plans to get you there. He works with me - as part of my team - to help you achieve goals and grow in ways you weren't aware you could. I'd recommend him and his firm, Level671, with any project that requires this kind of hands-on experience. He is world class."

John Shimkus
Member of Congress

Jen Dillman
Sangamon County Committee

Dan Langan
President, Langan Public Affairs

Carol Saviak
Executive Director, Coalition for Property Rights