Level671 is a unique online services consultantcy, focusing on both tech development to provide tools to implement goals and the content needed to run campaigns.  We bridge the divide between public relations and technology, implementing the tools needed and executing projects on behalf of clients.  By combining the top strategies and unsurpassed talent, Level671 has taken public relations to the next level for media, business, public policy groups, and individuals.

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Key Highlights
Skogafoss Waterfall
Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
WWTN Interview with April Ryan


Innovative Strategy Consulting 

Online Campaign Management

Jenna & Barbara Bush, "Sisters First"
Director of Engagement, Dog Tag Bakery
2016 White House Correspondents Garden Brunch
Consultant to HBO Comedy Series VEEP
Masters in Politics Podcast
WWTN Lunch Honoring Megan Smith
Full Service Blogging
Targeted Ad Campaigns
Contact Relationship Management
Content Writing
Public Affairs Consulting
Website Development
Social Media Management
What Others Are Saying
“One of the best in the business. Ranging anywhere from data crunching to web or mobile development to online digital campaigns, Level671 is full of professionals that get the job done properly, on time and under budget.”
Christopher Barron
Right Turn Strategies
“Tammy Haddad has a mission -- to save the Washington social scene by making it safe for people who don't want to get along.”
"Capital Skill" -- Women's Wear Daily

Tim Vickey
President & CEO

Level671 is a pioneer in political and non-profit campaign management, alongside innovative development and online communication that provides customized strategies and creative programming opportunities. Led by veteran digital consultant Tim Vickey, our company is built upon decades of successful cutting-edge thinking, planning and successful project execution.

Christopher Pisano
Lead Programmer

Kyle Bogucki
Senior Designer

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“I've worked with Tim for over five years and his finger is definitely on the pulse of the politics and issue advocacy as it relates to the Internet. ”
Terry Horner, VP of Engineering
Keen IO
Tim Vickey and the Level671 team are a complete pleasure to work with.  Their timeliness, efficiency and professionalism match the excellent quality and innovation of their designs.
Noreen Fenner, President
PAC Financial Management